Production / Installation

Job activities:

  • machining of common quality steels, austenitic and duplex steels and other stainless special steels e.g. ANTINIT & TITANIUM steels
  • production of special units (exchangers, injectors, reactors and columns)
  • production of pressure tanks made from stainless and carbon steels according to EU direction PED 98/27/EC with declaration of conformity and award of ES Certificate for authorized person
  • production of storage tanks made from stainless and carbon steels according to ČSN 690015
  • realization of shut-down:  repairs and machinery servicing technological units.
  • complex machinery servicing of torque machines, heat exchangers, pipeline systmes and tanks
  • pipeline works incl. works at gas facilities
  • disassembly of industrial equipment (steel constructions, pipelines, tanks and machinery water jet cutting)

We offer:

  • qualified (regularly) educated staff
  • communication in English, German and Russian
  • short term offering quotations (normally 1 – 2 weeks)
  • high flexibility of production planning and own production processes
  • own designing department – fast and flexible solutions of customer´s changes and requirements
  • delivery of special units in short terms
  • own CNC table horizontal boring machine
  • own work place for material dividing – CNC water jet cutter (without affecting of base material)
  • separate workplaces for stainless steels and special materials processing
  • processing of huge steel product lines and special materials, supported by WPS, WPQR  …