The company P R O M O N T, a.s. executes the complex machinery servicing of the whole chemical industry complex  BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o. Ostrava  and other associated plants of the company Messer Technogas, s.r.o., Dukol Ostrava s.r.o. since 2003.

Machinery servicing is ensured by 40 qualified workers in 24 hours preparedness of servicing delivery.

Examples of machinery servicing:

  • shut-down of technological units (tanks, exchangers, columns, reactors, pipeline units)
  • welding works (qualified personal)
  • measuring of vibrations
  • servicing of torque machines (pasting, bearing and mechanical filling changes etc.)
  • repair of safety-valves
  • cutting works, renovations, production of spare parts
  • assembly, disassembly & reconstruction of steel constructions
  • extracting of tube bundle
  • take-up of flanged connections at torque

Services we realize:

  • Planned complex shut-down the whole units, or their parts in terms of investments actions of extensive servicing or control technological facilities.
  • Planned daily repairs and assembly/installations  works
  • Non-planned shut-downs (in consequence of fault)
  • Investment, reconstructions & intensifications actions